Once a week an oil or gas spill contaminates groundwater in Colorado (on average)

"Just about every day in Colorado, there’s a chemical spill caused by drilling and fracking. And once a week on average, a spill contaminates groundwater."

There's a startling new video from the Center on Western Prioirities (CWP). According to CWP, so far this year in Colorado there have been 328 spills reported to state authorities (and there were probably some more that weren't reported). Of those,

23 percent resulted In water contamination.

And the year isn't over yet. That level of contamination is unacceptable. It's why we need strong new rules to protect clean water at both the state and federal levels, and why we need stronger enforcement--with tough penalties--to rein in the oil and gas industry and it's disregard for our environment. Check out the video:

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Amy Mall

Senior Advocate, Dirty Energy, Lands Division, Nature Program

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