Sarah Tallman

Senior Attorney

Sarah Tallman's work has focused on protecting communities from toxic chemicals in drinking water and consumer products and reducing pollution in our nation's waterways. She served as counsel in a case brought by community groups in Flint, Michigan, to address lead contamination in the city's tap water. The case resulted in a $97 million settlement requiring the replacement of thousands of lead pipes in Flint. She also served as lead counsel in a case that led to stronger rules for how the Environmental Protection Agency must evaluate the risks of toxic chemicals and protect the public from those risks. Tallman's prior cases have aimed to reduce nutrient pollution in California's waterways, protect endangered Atlantic sturgeon, and stop fracking wastes from polluting Wyoming rivers. Before joining NRDC, she clerked for the Honorable Karen Nelson Moore on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Tallman holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Princeton University and a J.D. from Yale Law School, where she served on the admissions committee of the Yale Law Journal and was an articles editor for the Yale Journal of Law & Feminism. She is based in NRDC's Chicago office.

NRDC in Action

An Uphill Battle, and Persistence, in Flint

These four NRDC lawyers would finish each other’s thoughts—at any odd hour of the day or night—in their quest to help victims of the city’s lead crisis.

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