Race to 100% Clean

U.S. states, municipalities, utilities, and corporations have made significant progress toward a fossil-free future by advancing energy efficiency and clean energy. In fact, 1 in 3 people in the United States now live in a state or city transitioning to 100% clean electricity.

That astonishing number doesn’t even include the millions of households and businesses served by utilities that have voluntarily committed to providing 100% emissions-free energy or those living in communities with other ambitious climate targets.

The momentum is clear. By pledging to reduce additional greenhouse gas emissions and energy use over the next several years, America’s states, cities and counties, utilities, and corporations have demonstrated a readiness to take on the climate challenge long-term.

All of this is welcome progress at a time when the Trump administration is moving backward on domestic and international climate and clean energy policies.

In a new interactive and explanatory mapping tool, we’ve broken it down by state renewable portfolio standards, state emissions reduction pledges, state energy efficiency resource standards, municipal clean energy commitments, utility emissions reduction targets, and corporate power purchase agreements.

You can click on each state, city, county, utility, or power purchase agreement for more information on their specific targets, which will be updated each time a new commitment is made. Scroll through the maps and text to see how far we’ve come on clean energy and to learn more about the climate and clean energy commitments made to date. 

About the Authors

Sophia Ptacek

Program Assistant, Climate & Clean Energy Program

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