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The Green Bank Network Knowledge Center is a central repository for information on green bank transactions, financial products, organizational and program structures, and impacts. It includes information collected from green banks around the world, helping other green banks and related financial institutions understand the purpose, mechanics and impact of actual green bank investments.

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Green Banks: Catalyzing an Equitable Green Transition

VideoNew York Green Bank
The event focused on how green banks can help crowd in additional investment in underserved communities. Panelists discussed how green banks can partner with communities, impact investors and other financial institutions to scale an equitable green transition, as well as…

Green Banking at Scale

VideoRhode Island Infrastructure Bank
Speakers explore the impact of the green bank model globally at the city, state, and national levels and how green banks help advance both climate and equity goals. The event highlights the potential role and impact of a U.S. national…

Green Banks and Economic Recovery

VideoTata Capital Limited – Cleantech Finance (India)Solar, Energy efficiency
A discussion on how green banks and catalytic green financial institutions around the world are responding to the challenges and opportunities of economic recovery.

CEFC Investment Insight: Clean Energy and Community Housing

ReportAustralia Clean Energy Finance CorporationSolar, Energy efficiency
In this Investment Insight, CEFC details how the application of readily available technologies and thoughtful design is delivering homes that need less energy, produce lower emissions and provide improved comfort levels for tenants. Australian households are directly responsible for about…

Tata Cleantech Capital Limited: Driving Green Investment in India

ReportTata Capital Limited – Cleantech Finance (India)Solar, Energy efficiency
Tata Cleantech Capital Limited (TCCL) recently joined the Green Bank Network. TCCL is a joint venture, operating since 2013, owned 79.5 percent by the Tata Group, a major conglomerate headquartered in India, and 19.5 percent by the International Finance Corporation…

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank: A Green Bank with Shades of Blue

ReportRhode Island Infrastructure BankSolar, Green bonds, Energy efficiency
RIIB has a somewhat broader environmental focus than traditional green banks. Green banks typically seek to catalyze private investment in clean energy or energy efficiency projects, using such techniques as credit support, subordinated debt and equity investments, aggregation and securitization…

Case Study: Development Bank of South Africa's Climate Finance Facility

ReportGeneral green banks
The Development Bank of Southern Africa’s (DBSA) Climate Finance Facility (CFF) is a specialized lending facility designed to increase private investment in climate-related infrastructure projects in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, which faces significant climate mitigation and adaptation…

Green Banks in the United States: 2018 Annual Industry Report

ReportRhode Island Infrastructure BankWind, Solar, Impact measurement & reporting, Green bonds, Energy efficiency
The first annual report of the American Green Bank Consortium covers the period through the year 2018. The green bank impacts presented in this report are the result of information gathering performed by the Coalition for Green Capital (CGC). Key…

Aggregation and Securitization

ReportRhode Island Infrastructure BankBioenergy
Green banks employ a variety of strategies to unlock capital and drive investment into clean energy projects. Green bank investment strategies have included participating in projects at the development phase, or under new regulatory regimes, with an eye toward spurring…

Bioenergy and Resource Recovery

ReportGreen Finance Organisation (Japan)Bioenergy
This paper discusses different green bank approaches to financing projects in the bioenergy and resource recovery sectors. The goal of this paper is to provide an overview of the technology and present examples of successful projects to share lessons learned…

Green Banking Strategies for Local Governments

ReportGeneral green banksSolar, Energy efficiency
Green banks are financial institutions that can leverage public funding to attract private capital for clean energy projects (including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other distributed energy resources), as well as other “green” investments. They can help both states and…

Capacity, Cognizance, Confidence, and Capital: How Green Banks Are Driving Energy Efficiency Improvements in Affordable Housing

ReportNew York Green BankSolar, Impact measurement & reporting, Energy efficiency
Sufficient availability of affordable housing is a significant and growing concern across the world, in high-income and lower-income countries alike. Governments at all levels are feeling the urgency of driving construction and preservation of affordable housing. As market-oriented and mission-driven…

全球绿色银行: 2018 年度回顾

ReportNew York Green BankWind, Waste-to-energy, Solar, Impact measurement & reporting, Green bonds, Energy efficiency
政府间气候变化专门委员会(IPCC)2018 年秋季报告表明,如果要实现艰巨的全球升温控制在1.5˚C 的目标,与2015 年 的水平相比,到2050 年时全世界低碳能源技术和能源效率的投资需要增加大约五倍。这意味着我们需要前所未有的动员 资本和开展国际和国内资本重新定向。在短期内,必须调整和扩展发展战略,部署新的金融工具以便用更加创新的方式分 摊风险。此外还需建立稳定有效且足够灵活的扶持环境,以应对快速的变化。 至关重要的是,每一笔公共或捐助资金都必须用于动员多个私人资本。问题是目前在大多数国家和地区,没有专门从事这 些工作的金融机构, 因此,绿色银行是当前金融机构格局中缺失的关键角色。 这类专门的金融中介机构是在《 巴黎协定 》要求下,实现气候融资雄心目标和市场转型的重要机制,同时为政府和私营部 门提供多种针对可持续发展目标的利益。本报告简要介绍了绿色银行网络(GBN)成员机构和合作伙伴的工作项目和成果。

Green Banks Around the World: 2018 Year in Review

ReportNew York Green BankWind, Waste-to-energy, Solar, Impact measurement & reporting, Green bonds, Energy efficiency
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC’s) fall 2018 report finds that to meet the goal of limiting global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, investments in low-carbon energy technology and energy efficiency will need to increase by…

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Want updates about the Green Bank Network?

Sign up for our GBN Bulletin to get the most up-to-date news and developments from the Green Bank world or contact us for more information.