Climate change is a global threat, and addressing it requires action around the world.

NRDC urges the worst carbon-polluting countries to tackle the problem head-on. We participate in United Nations negotiations and call for concrete commitments on firm timetables. We're working with partners in China to design a cap on coal plants, boost energy efficiency, and link electric vehicles to a clean power grid. In India, we are helping expand solar power and other low-carbon energy sources. In Canada and Latin America, we are stopping the expansion of dirty energy and helping spur clean energy solutions. And in the United States, we're pushing for clean energy standards and national limits on carbon emissions.

What We're Doing

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The world needs to move beyond vague promises on climate—so we're pushing for solid commitments from key nations.

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We work to eliminate this super greenhouse gas all over the globe.

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As deadly heat waves spread across the planet, we're helping the hard-hit nation of India set up early-warning systems and preparedness plans.

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We help China—the world's largest fossil-fuel consumer—reduce pollution and move toward clean energy.

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We work with Chilean partners and international experts to help promote clean energy development and energy-efficiency policies.

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As China’s electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, we're helping the country prepare its electric grid to power EVs with clean, renewable energy.

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We are helping Chinese cities slash energy waste in commercial and residential buildings—which then reduces carbon pollution and makes the air safer to breathe.

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We are developing innovative finance tools to expand clean energy markets that improve cities, safeguard the environment, and boost jobs.

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