Extracting and burning coal, oil, and gas can contribute to serious health hazards and even death.

NRDC works to clean up dirty energy operations. We expose the health risks associated with tar sands strip mines and fracking sites. Using the Clean Air Act, we push government agencies and Congress to strengthen standards for polluting power plants. And to quickly reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, we advocate for clean, renewable energy policies.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

As polluters are far more likely to target low-income communities, we empower residents to create the healthier neighborhoods they deserve.

Policy Solution

With the tar sands invasion comes serious health risks. We bring these issues to the forefront and fight to protect communities from this dirty oil.

Policy Solution

We help slash the toxic, cancer-causing pollution from America’s busy ports, rail yards, and truck routes.

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As a leading authority on the Clean Air Act for more than four decades, we take polluters to court and use this law to limit dangerous air pollution.

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Air pollution at fracking sites can cause childhood leukemia, cardiac problems, and birth defects. We fight to protect people from the potential health risks of unchecked fracking.

Policy Solution

Not everyone realizes that the events fueled by climate change are causing health problems, so we connect the dots and encourage governments to take action.

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