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Statement by Karen Wayland, NRDC Legislative Director

WASHINGTON (July 28, 2005) -- The House of Representatives passed the energy bill by a vote of 275-156 earlier today, and Senate passage is imminent. The following is a statement by Karen Wayland, legislative director for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC):

"Some things get better with age. Not so with this energy bill. Five years in the making, yet it still fails to address our country's most pressing energy needs.

"Growing oil dependence. Soaring gas prices. Destructive energy development. Huge subsidies for polluters. Global warming. Not one of these problems is seriously addressed in the energy bill.

"Because Congress blew it, we'll remain dependent on oil and we'll keep paying high prices at the pump.

"Even though 'comprehensive' energy legislation only happens every ten years or so, our nation can't wait another decade before Congress decides to get serious about addressing the issues sidestepped by this industry boondoggle of a bill.

"If our elected leaders were serious about securing America's energy future, they'd realize that the future is now. When Congress returns from its month-long recess, lawmakers immediately should get back to work.

"Give Americans what we need, namely policies that will actually save oil, making us safer and saving us money. Set a bold new energy agenda and watch America respond by leading the world in solving our toughest energy challenges."

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