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Gov Hochul Signs Bill for Safer Drinking Water in Schools

Expert BlogNew YorkJoan Leary Matthews
On December 22, 2021, Governor Hochul signed a bill (S2122-A/A-160-B) that would improve New York State’s program to reduce lead in drinking water in public schools. The bill had passed the State Legislature unanimously.

New Yorkers Lead a New Wave of Environmental Rights

Expert BlogNew YorkCorinne Bell, Joan Leary Matthews

An overwhelming majority of New York residents voted for an amendment that would require the state to safeguard people's health and natural resources in future policies and projects across the state.

New Yorkers—Vote Yes for Clean Air and Water!

Expert BlogNew YorkCorinne Bell, Joan Leary Matthews

On November 2nd, New Yorkers can lead a new wave of state environmental rights amendments if they decide that the state should officially recognize everyone’s right to clean air and water.

Safer Drinking Water in Schools: NY Leg. Votes for Our Kids

Expert BlogNew YorkJoan Leary Matthews

The New York State Legislature passed a bill (S2122-A / A160-B) in the closing days of this legislative session to require more stringent measures to reduce lead in drinking water in schools. This is a huge victory for kids!

An F Grade: EPA’s LCR Doesn’t Protect Kids in Schools

Expert BlogJoan Leary Matthews
EPA had an opportunity—and indeed, an obligation—in this rulemaking to protect children from being poisoned by lead in drinking water in schools and child care centers. It failed to do so. That’s one of many reasons why NRDC believes the…

New York: Protect People from Water Shutoffs During COVID-19

Expert BlogJoan Leary Matthews, Larry Levine
Over the summer, New York State did the right thing for utility customers feeling the severe economic downturn during the pandemic. The state adopted legislation (Laws of 2020, Chapters 108 and 126) requiring all utilities—water, gas, electric, telephone—to stop shutting…

Guest Blog: Reopening Schools – Drinking Water Concerns

Expert BlogJoan Leary Matthews, Erik D. Olson
After closing early and transitioning to online learning, school systems across the United States are trying to figure out if and how to reopen this fall. Amid the discussion about social distancing in classrooms and hallways, a critical component of…

New York Bans Utility Shutoffs during COVID-19 Emergency

Expert BlogNew YorkJoan Leary Matthews
New York is the first state to act via legislation to establish a statewide moratorium on all utility shutoffs—water, gas, electric, and telephone, including both publicly- and privately-owned utilities.

Data Show Millions at Risk of Water Shutoffs During COVID-19

Expert BlogJoan Leary Matthews, Larry Levine
To protect ourselves from the coronavirus, health officials repeatedly tell us to “wash our hands.” Many people can do that, but if you don’t have water in your home because it has been shut off by the water utility, you…

Get the Lead Out of Drinking Water in Schools: Model Law

Expert BlogJoan Leary Matthews
Lead in drinking water in schools has been in the news over the years, with particular concerns in New York City and Washington, D.C., among other cities. But ever since the recent crisis of lead in drinking water exploded in…

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