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The Case Against New Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing

Expert BlogUnited StatesLauren Kubiak
The best way to meet our national energy needs is by fully implementing policies already developed—and switching to sources of clean, renewable, justly sourced energy.

BOEM Hears From the Public on Offshore Drilling

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Cleland, Lauren Kubiak
BOEM should listen to the frontline, Indigenous, community, environmental, and business voices and finalize an offshore oil and gas leasing program that schedules no new leases.

Oil Companies Are Sitting on Huge Offshore Reserves

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalLauren Kubiak
Even without any new offshore lease sales, there is enough oil and gas in existing leases in the Gulf of Mexico that production at current levels could continue for more than a decade.

You Can’t Fix High Pump Prices with New Offshore Leasing

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalLauren Kubiak
While the fossil fuel industry would have you believe that the way out is for the government to lease more of our public lands and waters to oil and gas companies, the truth is that it would do nothing to…

Despite Climate Dangers, Offshore Leasing Continues in Gulf

Expert BlogUnited States, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, AlabamaValerie Cleland, Lauren Kubiak

This morning, the Biden administration held the largest offshore oil and gas lease sale in U.S. history by offering up almost 80 million acres of ocean to the fossil fuel industry. Though the Biden administration has been bold on climate…

Our Ocean Is Stressed Enough: Give It a Break from Drilling

Expert BlogInternationalLauren Kubiak

To mitigate and increase our resilience to climate change, we need to stop leasing our public waters to oil and gas companies, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and highly and fully protect at least 30 percent of our ocean…

Every Offshore Drilling Disaster Started with a Lease Sale

Expert BlogUnited StatesLauren Kubiak, Valerie Cleland

The Biden Administration recently began to move forward with an offshore lease sale that will hand millions of acres of public ocean over to the oil and gas industry, allowing them to make investments that will lock in our use…

Court Takes Industry Bait, Caves to Fossil Fuels

Expert BlogUnited StatesJosh Axelrod, Lauren Kubiak

In a disappointing decision, Judge Terry Doughty of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana ruled that the Biden administration must end its temporary moratorium on offshore and onshore oil and gas leasing.

Coming Soon: Review of Our Broken Oil and Gas Leasing System

Expert BlogUnited StatesJosh Axelrod, Valerie Cleland, Lauren Kubiak

The way we lease and extract oil and gas from our public lands and waters is broken, and our ability to stave off the worst impacts of climate change depends, in part, on fixing it now.

Ending Offshore Drilling Is Key for Ocean and Climate

Expert BlogUnited StatesLauren Kubiak, Valerie Cleland

The Biden administration has taken huge strides in acting on climate and should now move forward to take one of the most important actions to protect the ocean and those who depend on it, and to combat the climate crisis…

Hearings Question Oil and Gas Leasing in Federal Waters

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Cleland, Lauren Kubiak

Recent House and Senate hearings on the future of offshore oil and gas leasing raised questions about how best to phase out leasing of our federal waters to oil and gas companies.

Congress’s Chance to Protect Our Coasts

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Cleland, Lauren Kubiak

Offshore oil and gas leasing poses a threat to our coastal economies and the health of our ocean. Citizens, local communities, and elected officials from both parties recognize this danger and have been vocal in their opposition to new leasing…

Climate and Reform in Focus: Interior's Oil and Gas Forum

Expert BlogUnited StatesJosh Axelrod, Valerie Cleland, Lauren Kubiak
Secretary Haaland kicked off the Department of Interior's review of oil and gas leasing with this admonition: “Now is the time for all of us to have a frank conversation about the future of our shared resources. The pause in…

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