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Congress & EPA: Protect People from Toxic Plastic Pollution

Expert BlogUnited StatesDaniel Rosenberg

NRDC and 200 other organizations recently sent a letter to Congress, calling on all Senators and Representatives not to co-sponsor legislation supported by chemical industry lobbyists that would eliminate Clean Air Act protections and promote the widespread burning of plastic.

Burned: Why Waste Incineration Is Harmful

Expert BlogUnited StatesDaniel Rosenberg, Dr. Veena Singla, Darby Hoover
As legislation to protect the environment moves through Congress, polluting industries are using greenwashing terms like "waste to energy" and "chemical recycling" to build support for a dirty and unsafe technology: incineration.

Nancy Beck’s Nomination Draws More Opposition Because: PFAS

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
Nancy Beck's nomination to Chair the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission took another step toward failure when opposition to her confirmation was announced by Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Manchin, like other Senators opposing Beck, is concerned about her…

The Facts Are(n’t) In: Now Is the Time to Oppose Nancy Beck

Expert BlogUnited StatesDaniel Rosenberg
Nancy Beck has failed to be forthright about her record of working to block, weaken and delay protections from toxic chemicals. Senators should oppose her nomination to Chair the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and her nomination should be withdrawn.

NRDC Sues EPA Over its Evaluation of Methylene Chloride

Expert BlogUnited StatesDaniel Rosenberg
NRDC and several partners filed a lawsuit today to overturn EPA’s flawed risk assessment of methylene chloride, the first of ten such assessments EPA has drafted under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Nancy Beck Has Some Explaining to Do

Expert BlogUnited StatesDaniel Rosenberg
Nancy Beck's nomination hearing for the position of Chair of the Consumer Production Safety Commission (CPSC) was a disaster (for her). Her testimony was evasive, misleading and tone deaf.

Yet Another Reason Nancy Beck Should Not Run Consumer Agency

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
Former chemical industry exec Nancy Beck, the Trump Administration's Toxics Czar and nominee to run the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, has a long record of opposing stronger protections from toxic chemicals including asbestos, TCE and PFAS. A recent Associated Press…

EPA “Action” on Toxic Chemicals: Thanks, but No Thanks

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
EPA continues to use administrative stalling tactics to avoid taking real action to protect the public from the whole class of Teflon "forever" PFAS chemicals and the acutely toxic methylene chloride.

Trump EPA’s Industry-Friendly TSCA Policy Starts to Unravel

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the agency cannot ignore legacy uses of a chemical, and that its regulations do not allow it to pick and choose amongst uses of a chemical and sources of exposure as…

EPA Announces 20 Toxic Chemicals It Won’t Protect Us From

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
EPA just announced the next 20 "high priority" chemicals—including formaldehyde—that it will review under TSCA. Given the Trump EPA's record, there is every reason to believe that the Agency won't protect us from these chemicals, and will limit the ability…

PFAS “Action” Plan Is a Toxic Valentine for Water Drinkers

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
The “action plan” to address PFAS chemicals—released by the Agency today in an effort to stem the rising tide of scrutiny and criticism (and oversight)—offers little if any concrete commitments to take action.

Protecting the Safety Net for New Chemicals Under TSCA

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
NRDC has withdrawn its lawsuit challenging EPA's illegal "Framework" for reviewing new chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) after the Agency declared that it had never actually used the Framework to review the safety of new chemicals, and…

Pruitt: Thousands of Toxic Spills? No Problem.

Expert BlogErik D. Olson, Daniel Rosenberg
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt continues to shirk his obligations to protect public health and the environment. This week, he blew off the Agency's commitment (in a court settlement no less) to address spills of hazardous chemicals that are polluting our…

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