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Water Rights, and Wrongs, in California

Expert BlogCaliforniaKate Poole
I’m grateful to the Stanford Environmental Law Clinic, Winnemem Wintu Tribe, Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians, Little Manila Rising and Restore the Delta for compiling this clear and compelling history of California water.

Saving California's Salmon Is Now Up to Governor Newsom

Expert BlogCaliforniaKate Poole
Keeping the Trump administration's biological opinions in place would likely drive California’s wild salmon—as well as their habitat in the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary and all who depend on them—into a death spiral from which they may never recover.

California Drought: Deja Vu All Over Again

Expert BlogCaliforniaKate Poole

It’s time for California's State Water Resources Control Board and other decisionmakers to take the reins of drought management away from Department of Water Resources and put California on a track to successfully manage the new normal of intense and…

California’s Wildly Inequitable Water Rights System

Expert BlogCaliforniaKate Poole

It's time to put the interests of the community above the interests of the ancestors of a handful of white settlers who staked their claim to our public resources over a century ago.

The Bay-Delta Salmon Crisis That Didn’t Have to Be

Expert BlogCaliforniaKate Poole
Enough with playing politics with the heart of California’s freshwater system. It is well past time for both the state and federal governments to update standards for salmon management in the Bay-Delta.

Biden’s Historic Action on 30x30

Expert BlogAlison Chase, Zak Smith, Helen O'Shea, Kate Poole
The president’s executive order puts America on the path of protecting 30 percent of its land and 30 percent of its ocean areas by 2030.

California's Important Leadership on 30x30

Expert BlogKate Poole
The multiple benefits of the 30x30 initiative are readily apparent and must be pursued with haste. A recent survey of California voters expressed overwhelming support for the national goal of protecting at least 30% of America's land, ocean areas, and…

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