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Smart from Start to Finish

Expert BlogCaliforniaHelen O'Shea
On a windy, bright day in Lemoore, California, another 250 megawatts of clean power was added to California’s energy mix with the dedication of the Aquamarine Solar Project.

The Biodiversity Crisis Is HERE: 5 Ways Biden Can Stop It

Expert BlogUnited StatesHelen O'Shea, Lucas Rhoads, Elly Pepper

There is no time to waste—we learned that 23 species are lost forever. So many more are on the brink. We must act now. Our children and all future generations are depending on us.

Let's Save More Nature Together

Expert BlogUnited StatesHelen O'Shea

We are living with a biodiversity crisis that is linked to the ever-changing climate and vice versa; we can’t solve one without solving the other.

California Leads the Way on Conservation and Climate

Expert BlogHelen O'Shea
The PUBLIC Lands Act would designate nearly 600,000 acres of new wilderness, more than 583 miles of new wild and scenic rivers and expand an existing national monument by over 100,000 acres. Protecting California’s world-famous natural heritage is the key…

At Last, Justice at the National Bison Range

Expert BlogAmy McNamara, Helen O'Shea
NRDC is grateful to have been able to stand in solidarity with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes in their efforts to bring the National Bison Range home to the Flathead Indian Reservation. This is a homecoming worthy of celebration.

Biden’s Historic Action on 30x30

Expert BlogAlison Chase, Zak Smith, Helen O'Shea, Kate Poole
The president’s executive order puts America on the path of protecting 30 percent of its land and 30 percent of its ocean areas by 2030.

Together We Can Do Hard Things: On the Road to 30x30

Expert BlogHelen O'Shea
Today at the White House the most important conservation bill in a generation was signed into law: the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA). This sweeping bill which passed with significant bi-partisan support will provide funds necessary to help create, maintain…

Don’t Bomb the Bighorn

Expert BlogNevadaHelen O'Shea
Nevadans won’t stand by as the future of their public lands is hijacked by out-of-state interests.

Bold Action to Save our Global Life Support System

Expert BlogUnited StatesDrevet Hunt, Helen O'Shea, Zak Smith
Given the scale and scope of the challenges we face, the 30x30 plan is a down payment on a new relationship with nature that we must forge to keep our global life support system in operation.

Smart from the Start: Land Use Planning for the Planet

Expert BlogWest, InternationalHelen O'Shea

The new International Panel on Climate Change report emphasizes how important it is to balance multiple public goods in global land use planning—food security, environmentally responsible renewable energy development to fight climate change, and conservation of large, intact landscapes for…

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