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New Yorkers Highlight Opportunities to Grow SNAP Incentives

Expert BlogNew YorkSahana Rao, Margaret Brown, Sara Imperiale
SNAP incentives play an essential role in addressing challenges around fresh, healthy food affordability and access, provide much needed markets for local farmers, and drive local economic development.

EPA Proposal Too Tepid to Address Dangerous Chemical Spills

Expert BlogUnited StatesAtid Kimelman, Ridhwan Sediqe, Sara Imperiale

The proposal covers only those facilities that are capable of storing a threshold quantity of hazardous substances and are also within one-half mile of a waterway protected by the Clean Water Act. 

The Promise of the Environmental Justice for All Act

Expert BlogUnited StatesYukyan Lam, Sara Imperiale
The Environmental Justice for All Act is an essential federal legislative effort to begin remedying the long history of environmental racism and injustice in the United States.

Environmental Injustices Plague Parchman Prison, Mississippi

Expert BlogMississippiSarah Tallman, Natalia Ospina, Marisa Guerrero, Sara Imperiale

An investigation by NRDC and our partners at the Southern Poverty Law Center reveals persistent and continuing drinking water and wastewater violations at the notorious Parchman prison in Mississippi.

Food Work & COVID: Farmworker Solutions for an Unjust System

Expert BlogUnited StatesMarisa Guerrero, Sara Imperiale, Margaret Brown, Sahana Rao

Farmworkers have long dealt with unsafe working and living conditions, low wages and lack of job security, disparate levels of food insecurity, and vulnerable immigration statuses—a dangerous combination of systemic injustices underpinned by racism in the food system. But as…

Major Victory in Coalition Push for Renewable Rikers Island

Expert BlogSara Imperiale, Eric A. Goldstein
The New York City Council passed two bills that, when signed into law, will mark the beginning of the end for the notorious Rikers Island jail complex and transform the island into a model of green infrastructure and jobs.

Growing Community: Reimagining the Future of Food

Expert BlogMarisa Guerrero, Sara Imperiale, Margaret Brown
When we focus only on emergency food programs, we fail to build resilience in disproportionately burdened communities ahead of the next disaster. Local efforts - led by people of color and frontline communities - offer pathways to lead us out…

Renewable Rikers Island: NYC Planning Commission Testimony

Expert BlogSara Imperiale
NRDC provided testimony to the New York City Planning Commission in support of an amendment to the City Map establishing the entirety of Rikers Island as a Public Place, a designation that would prohibit Rikers Island from being used for…

States Can Leverage SNAP for Healthy Food & Strong Economies

Expert BlogMargaret Brown, Sara Imperiale
Every family has the right to a healthy and varied diet, but in too many communities, fresh produce is not available or affordable. As part of a package of policies that expand and strengthen SNAP in the face of the…

Campaign Pushes for Fresh, Local Food at Dollar General

Expert BlogSara Imperiale, Margaret Brown
A delegation from the Campaign for Healthier Solutions attended the 2019 Dollar General shareholder meeting to insist that Dollar General phase out toxic chemicals from its consumer products and source locally grown, fresh produce to better protect the health of…

Chemical Disaster Prevention Repeal Will Harm EJ Communities

Expert BlogSara Imperiale
The 2016 amendments to the Risk Management Plan required industry sectors most responsible for deaths, injuries, and other damage from chemical disasters to evaluate and consider safer technologies and alternatives to reduce risk to workers, communities, and first responders before…

Newark Schools Denied Funds to Filter Lead in Drinking Water

Expert BlogSara Imperiale
After years of elevated lead levels in Newark Public Schools' drinking water, NRDC and the Education Law Center have sent a letter to New Jersey agencies on behalf of the City's public school children demanding access to funds for a…

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