About onEarth

onEarth was founded in 1979 as the Amicus Journal, an independent magazine of thought and opinion on the environment. Today we're an all-digital publication, but we still serve the same role: telling powerful stories to illuminate the most critical challenges facing our world.

The opinions expressed by the editors and writers of onEarth are their own and do not necessarily reflect the policies or positions of NRDCEditorial decisions are made by the onEarth editors.

We value accuracy and fairness. Our reporting is rigorous and accurate. Any errors in fact are promptly corrected.

We seek full transparency. Whenever it is relevant, we disclose the relationship of onEarth to our parent organization, as well as its partners and funders.

Our journalism has a point of view. Our editors and writers have opinions—supported by the facts and sound analysis. We favor science over ideology. We believe solutions exist to the problems affecting our health and our environment. We actively seek out and explore those solutions with in-depth reporting, vivid storytelling, and fresh perspectives.

onEarth stories are available for online republication by news media outlets or nonprofits under these conditions:

  • The writer(s) must be credited with a byline.
  • You must note prominently that the story was originally published by onEarth and link to the original.
  • The story cannot be edited (beyond simple things such as time and place elements, style, and grammar).
  • You can’t resell the story in any form or grant republishing rights to other outlets.
  • You can’t republish our material wholesale or automatically. You need to select stories individually.
  • You can't republish the photos or graphics on our site without specific permission.
  • You should drop us a note to let us know when you’ve used one of our stories.

Our work is licensed under Creative Commons, which provides the legal details. Please contact our editors if you have any questions regarding republication.

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