The Competition Heats Up

2014 broke the heat record. Will 2015 crush it again?

January 04, 2015

The ball dropped, the confetti fell, and last week we said good-bye to 2014, what very well may have been the hottest year on record. But that’s not all! We’ve been hitting many a climate milestone lately. Take these stats, for example: Since 1997, we’ve seen the 15 hottest years on record; we haven’t had a month of below-average global temperatures in 29 years; and a record cold month hasn’t frozen us solid in a century. (A century!) The previous hottest year ever was 2010, just five years ago, and according to climate models, 2015 may turn out to be another contender for the title. 2014...enjoy your reign while it lasts.  

Illustrated by: Climate Central

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