Fifty Shades of Dry

Drought is in the forecast for much of the United States this summer.

May 21, 2015

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s seasonal outlook is out, and this summer is going to be a dry one. The massive drought consuming the West will likely continue and even intensify in most places (sorry Nevada, that forecast covers the entire Silver State.) But it won't be alone: The upper Midwest and Northeast will be parched, too. As for the lower Midwest, a few states could get some relief, but...I wouldn't let those green lawns go to your head. 

Scientific models predict that as the climate warms, we’ll see more droughts, and according to the video below, they’ll also last longer than in the past. So Americans, start swinging your partner round and round, shaking your moneymaker, or electric-sliding (if you must)—because we may need to come up with a national rain dance.

Photo: NOAA

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