Kamikaze Cloudseeding

“The Oceanmaker,” a short animated film, brings hope to a world without rain.

July 06, 2015

Imagine a world without rain, where lighthouses and ships sit atop sand dunes, where cloud pirates steal every droplet before it gets a chance to fall.

This is the world that Austin-based filmmaker Lucas Martell and his fellow animators bring to life in The OceanMaker, a riveting 10-minute short released on Earth Day but screening later this month at the Belize International Film Festival. (I suggest watching it for free right here and right now.)

The film mixes the excitement of World War I dogfights with Mad Max–esque aircraft towing bizarre water-robbing machines. There is one fighter pilot, however, who wants the rain to fall for all—and she is our hero.

Her land is a fictional one, but as climate change exacerbates extreme weather patterns around the world, water wars are sure to get just as intense—though, they’ll hardly be as beautiful. In The OceanMaker, dramatic visual effects combine with an orchestral score that will keep you at the edge of your seat (or office chair).

So go be inspired by what Martell calls “a postapocalyptic film about hope” and become a hero to some community out there in a tailspin.

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