Snow Beasts on the Move

The polar bears are migrating! The polar bears are migrating! Right on your computer screen! Every year close to 1,000 bears congregate on the shores of Hudson Bay near Canada's Churchill, Manitoba, dubbed “the polar bear capital of the world.” There they wait for the ice to freeze so they can hunt bearded and ringed seals from their icy perches. It’s a lot more dramatic than, say, ice fishing, and now you can watch it all go down with a live feed brought to you by, Polar Bears International, and Frontiers Northern Adventure. Eight cameras are following these fierce predators, and the feed picks up the cam with the most activity. 

You should tune in before it’s too late. The webcams will go dark over the weekend, and you’ll have to wait until next fall to catch these beauties again. On a sadder note, this population of bears isn’t doing well, thanks to rising temperatures in the Arctic. Churchill’s polar bears are spending 30 more days on land than they did 30 years ago, and the population is down 22 percent since 1987. I'd advise viewing this species sooner rather than later.

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