Where the Winds Blow

A new map shows exactly where the country’s wind farms are busy whirring.

Photo: USGS

Drive down just about any highway in the Midwest or Plains states, and you’ll see seemingly endless fields of corn, beans, and wheat. But in recent decades, a crop of a different sort has been sprouting up: wind turbines. Wind now generates a third of U.S. renewable electricity, and the industry is growing faster than any other clean power source in the country. And with this new interactive mapthe U.S. Geological Survey tells us exactly where our wind farms are and what technologies they sport.

With about 50,000 turbines already standing within our borders, the United States, along with 18 other countries, pledged to double its investment in renewable power by 2020. So, we may be seeing even more red dots on this map (and blades spinning along the roadside) soon. 

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