Alberta to Limit Carbon Emissions from Tar Sands Sector

New policy could lead to a more climate-friendly national policy

WASHINGTON (November 22, 2015) – The provincial government of Alberta, Canada, today announced that it will limit, over time, emissions from the tar sands crude oil sector, which produces one of the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive energy sources in the world.

The following is a statement by Anthony Swift, director of the Canada Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“This marks an important change of direction for Alberta that could pave the way for a more climate-friendly national policy. While more will be needed to reduce the impacts of tar sands extraction on our climate, the Boreal forest and First Nations communities, Alberta’s announcement represents a strong first step in transitioning the province from tar sands toward a sustainable economy based on clean energy. We look forward to working with both Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help Canada become a world leader in fighting dangerous climate change.’’

Premier Notley announced a package of policies that include a cap on emissions for the tar sands sector, an economy-wide carbon tax of $30 per ton of carbon-dioxide, a phase-out of coal by 2030, a 45% reduction of methane emissions by 2025, and strong incentives for renewable energy and efficiency that also will help combat dangerous climate change.

More details will be available from Anthony Swift at his blog:


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