California Senate Rejects Moratorium on Fracking

Vote Ignores Support from Two-Thirds of Californians

SACRAMENTO (May 29, 2014) – The California State Senate today rejected a bill that would have imposed a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, acidizing and other controversial forms of oil and gas development.

The vote comes despite new polling released last week from the Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club that revealed more than two-thirds of Californians support a moratorium. The poll revealed that this sentiment held true across party lines, with the majority of Democrats (78 percent), Independents (74 percent) and Republicans (51 percent) all backing a time-out on fracking.

It also follow reports that federal estimates of recoverable oil in the state’s Monterey Shale formation were inflated by 96 percent, now predicting it holds about 32 days’ worth of accessible supplies.

A statement follows from Damon Nagami, senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“Californians have made it clear they do not want to rush ahead recklessly on fracking. Why risk the health of our children, contaminated drinking water, more air pollution, man-made earthquakes, and further strained water supplies in the middle of an extreme drought? We need a time-out on fracking to give the state time to do its due diligence and ensure the health of our residents is not squandered to satisfy oil industry greed.”

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