Clean Energy May Get a Boost in PJM

WASHINGTON  – PJM, the regional grid operator for 13 states in the mid-Atlantic and Midwest, moved today to make a dramatic change to its capacity markets that would end discrimination against clean energy sources.

The proposal to undo the most harmful aspects of the so-called Minimum Offer Price Rule, or MOPR, comes after state leaders threatened to back out of the PJM-administrated market as the grid operator had undermined states' authority over energy policy.

The following is a statement from Tom Rutigliano, an advocate with the Sustainable FERC Project which is housed at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council):

“States across the mid-Atlantic are moving to cut carbon pollution in their electricity sector, and this proposal from PJM would allow clean energy to compete with dirty fossil fuel plants. This is a welcome change of direction for the grid operator, correcting its overreach and recognizing state authority over energy decision making.

“If it comes down to a choice between addressing climate change and participating in capacity markets, state leaders can and should choose confronting the climate crisis. This proposal would help side-step that choice and allow clean energy to thrive in the region.”

But, PJM can and should go further. For more on the voluntary market mechanism that would provide a sustainable solution to the problem of the MOPR, please see this blog from Tom.

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