Cleaning Up Tailpipe Pollution from Trucks, Buses

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House is announcing new measures to cut tailpipe pollution from trucks and spur the spread of zero-emitting buses to communities across the nation. 

Tailpipe exhaust from heavy duty vehicles is one of the main pollution sources in environmental justice communities and the time is ripe for bold action: Sixteen states have already committed to zero-out new truck emissions by 2050, and the industry is rolling out new technologies that lower the operating costs of electric trucks and buses.
The following is a statement from Patricio Portillo, transportation analyst at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council):

“Tailpipe pollution from trucks and buses plagues communities across the nation, especially those near ports, highways, warehouses and factories. Because these trucks and buses stay on the road for decades, measures put in place today will affect the air our grandchildren breathe.

“The strongest standard EPA is proposing would slash dangerous diesel pollution. But it misses the opportunity to advance zero emission trucks at the pace needed to address the urgent public health crisis facing environmental justice communities—and we will be pushing the agency to prioritize that.

“In addition, the historic investments in electric buses from the Biden administration will not only clean the air – they will save transit agencies and school districts money on fuel, create good jobs and spur innovation.”

For more on the devastation caused by dirty trucks and how EPA can address it, see this blog from Patricio and Heather Kryczka. To better understand the perspective of frontline communities, see this letter from the Moving Forward Network.

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