Climate Benefits from GE Dropping New Coal Plant Projects

WASHINGTON – General Electric, one of the world's largest builders of coal-fired power plants, announced today that it will stop building new coal plants, a course of action long recommended by NRDC (the Natural Resources Defense Council), other groups and investors as a way to lessen the harmful impacts on climate change.

The following is a statement from Han Chen,  manager of energy policy in NRDC’s International Program:

“It’s great news for our climate that GE is heeding the calls of communities around the world to stop financing and building new coal plants. Coal plants are the biggest single source of global carbon emissions—which are fueling climate change.

“GE’s backing for coal projects would have locked in new carbon emissions, local pollution, and economic harms across the globe, for decades—at a time when clean, affordable energy solutions abound and costs to build and install these systems are plummeting. GE has seen the writing on the wall, and the future is in clean, not dirty energy.”

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