DOE Freezes Energy Waste with New Standards for Refrigerators and Freezers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced updated energy efficiency standards for residential refrigerators and freezers today that are projected to save consumers more than $1.8 billion per year while preventing 179.2 million tons of climate-warming carbon pollution over the next 30 years.

DOE released the last set of updated standards for refrigerators in 2011, which took effect in 2014. The updated standards could come into effect as early as 2027 and will represent an overall energy savings of 12 percent as compared to business as usual.

The following is a statement from NRDC energy efficiency advocate Joe Vukovich:

“Fridges can be found in almost every American home, so these savings will go far and wide. Refrigerators stand as one of the best efficiency success stories, thanks to efficiency standards we have seen fridges get bigger and bigger while using less energy than previous models.

“Even so, there was still improvement needed to ensure our fridges are not needlessly wasting energy. After today’s announcement, the success story for fridges just added another chapter.”

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