EPA’s Rules on Ozone-Depleting Chemicals Miss the Mark on Health and Climate Protection

WASHINGTON (October 17, 2014) – David Doniger, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Climate and Clean Air Program, made this comment on a final rule issued today by the Environmental Protection Agency limiting the use of HCFC-22, used in air conditioners and refrigeration. It is the most powerful ozone-depleting chemical still in widespread use and traps nearly 2,000 times more heat than carbon dioxide.

“EPA missed an opportunity today to better protect our health and climate. EPA should be pushing for a faster phase-out of this dangerous ozone-depleting and heat-trapping chemical. That would more quickly heal the ozone layer, cutting skin cancer and other illnesses, and help stop global warming. A faster phase-out would lead to a quicker transition to safer alternatives.”


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