House Republicans Launch Another Attack On Light Bulbs

WASHINGTON (July 14, 2011) –The House of Representatives on Friday is expected to vote on a spending bill amendment that seeks to derail energy efficient light bulb standards that Congress and President George W. Bush passed into law four years ago. 

NRDC Legislative Director Scott Slesinger made the following statement:

“House Republicans are apparently willing to do whatever it takes to appease hard-right ideologues - even if it means taking away $12.5 billion in annual energy savings from Americans and hurting businesses and the environment.

“GOP members who fell for a misinformation campaign that incandescent bulbs are banned now want to hold a spending bill hostage just to get their way.  Their amendment will not lower the deficit one cent, but it will raise costs for consumers and hurt businesses that have already invested in the jobs and equipment to make better bulbs.”