India Announces Strong Climate Commitment

NEW YORK (October 1, 2015)—India formally announced its long-term plan to curb its greenhouse gas emissions today as part of the global effort to limit Earth’s temperature rise to 2°C. At the core of India’s climate commitment is a 33-35% emissions intensity reduction based on 2005 levels—building on its Copenhagen pledge of a 20-25% intensity reduction by 2020.

Following is a statement by Rhea Suh, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“India’s strong climate plan offers a comprehensive approach to curb the worst impacts of climate change. Its commitment to renewable energy will pave the way to sustainable economic growth that creates jobs, protects natural resources, and provides cleaner air and water for Indian citizens. India now has positioned itself as a global leader in clean energy, and is poised to play an active and influential role in the international climate negotiations this December.”

Following is a statement by Anjali Jaiswal, Director of the India Initiative for the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“India’s ambitious climate target makes clean energy the centerpiece for major economic growth. Government leaders are taking strong action to align domestic policy with broader climate targets, as seen through the recent dramatic increase in India’s solar energy goals—to reach a solar capacity of 100 GW by 2022. Robust financing is also critical to acquire clean technologies and accelerate solar, wind and energy efficiency markets to curb India’s greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming. The Indian government is also extending efforts beyond mitigation to climate adaptation and resilience. These significant actions will protect communities from the gravest dangers of climate change.”


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