It’s Official—New York Bans Fracking

NEW YORK, NY (June 29, 2015)—The Cuomo Administration today made the state’s ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing official, following through on a December promise to prohibit the dangerous industrial activity in New York.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation did so today by issuing a so-called Findings Statement on the proposed fracking in the state—a document that completes the nearly seven-year-long review of potential environmental impacts.

This is the final legal step required to make the ban official, and follows DEC’s May 13 release of its final review of environmental impacts. The state also released the results of an exhaustive review of the public health impacts last December.

A statement from Kate Sinding, Director of the Community Fracking Defense Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council, follows:

“New York has made history today. Governor Cuomo boldly refused to cave to pressure to gamble our clean air, safe drinking water and communities for oil and gas industry profit. The health and well-being of New Yorkers has prevailed over powerful polluters.”

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