Keystone XL Clarity: President Obama Reaffirms Pipeline Process

WASHINGTON, DC (December 7, 2011) –After his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Harper today, President Obama made it clear that the orderly process for evaluating the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would stand, despite efforts in Congress to rush to judgment and speed up the timeline. In statements to the press, the President reiterated that he will consider the future of our environment and the impact on Americans’ health and safety in his decision over whether to allow the proposed project.

Following is a statement from Danielle Droitsch, Canada projects director, Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The President made clear today that the environmental concerns expressed by thousands of Americans have been heard. Despite undue pressure from the pipeline pushers in Congress, the Administration will put American health and safety before the interests of Big Oil.

“Even as Congress tries to speed the project along, Canadians have stalled a similar project in their own country. Concerns over the pollution and climate impacts of tar sands oil are not limited to one side of the border or the other. Both Americans and Canadians are drawing the line at tar sands as we pursue cleaner and better forms of energy.”

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