Latinos use Voces Verdes to Call for Strong Climate and Energy Legislation

New Initiative provides platform for Latino community to support passage of strong climate legislation

Washington, D.C. (October 14, 2009) – Voces Verdes, an innovative platform designed to highlight the Latino community’s support for strong climate and clean energy legislation was launched today by La Onda Verde, the Latino arm of the Natural Resources Defense Council, in partnership with America Verde and Common Ground for Conservation.

Voces Verdes aims to include diverse Latino voices from across the political, geographical, economic and vocational spectrum, to demonstrate that climate change has become a priority issue for Latino businesses, community leaders, parents, teachers, doctors, nurses, and students alike,” said Adrianna Quintero, Director of NRDC’s La Onda Verde and Voces Verdes’ Campaign Director.

The threat of global warming affects Latinos greatly, and the opportunities for Latinos in implementing climate and energy solutions make their input vital. With the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, pending in the Senate, Voces Verdes provides a platform for Latinos across the country to engage on climate change issues and support the passage of strong clean energy legislation that benefits everyone.

America Verde has brought together hundreds of signatures of diverse Latinos in several states, including Arkansas, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, who have added their names to a letter to Senators expressing support for strong climate and clean energy legislation.

“The signers understand that while global warming has had a negative impact on their communities and that strong climate legislation will improve not only the health of their communities but also create much needed jobs and economic opportunities,” added Mildred Real, CEO of Common Ground for Conservation.

“The future of our communities and our families is at risk if we do not make it clear that Latinos want clean energy and a safe environment," said Andrea Bazan, President of The Triangle Community Foundation and a nationally renowned and well respected Latina business leader based in North Carolina. "We will not stand silent as this problem becomes an ominous threat to our children and our future. We stand with other Americans in urging quick passage of strong clean energy legislation that will help our communities' economic recovery with better, safer, cleaner jobs and a safe and sustainable environment."

Voces Verdes will continue to serve as a platform to activate Latinos across the country in support of strong clean energy and climate legislation. As support grows among Latinos, Voces Verdes will in turn deliver those Latino voices to legislators.