Michigan Takes Initial Steps to Protect Public Health from PFAS in Drinking Water

LANSING, MI ­– A Michigan Science Advisory Workgroup today proposed drinking water protections for dangerous ‘forever’ chemicals that have contaminated tap water across the state. The state is expected to issue a final rule by April 2020.

Following is a statement from Cyndi Roper, Michigan Senior Policy Advocate for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC):

“To keep infants and children across the state of Michigan safe, we must tackle the widespread contamination of dangerous PFAS chemicals in Michigan’s water by setting the most health-protective standards possible. 

“Of the seven individual recommendations proposed, two would become the strictest in the nation: PFOA and PFNA. Several are weaker and less protective, which is something we will advocate to strengthen. The Workgroup took a smart approach to address other PFAS for which we have less data by setting a screening level for these chemicals based on well-studied related PFAS. We think the state should use this class-based approach in the setting of standards as well.

“When it comes to setting standards the state should go as far as the scientific data will allow, as part of the its obligation to protect Michigan’s drinking water from chemicals that harm health.”

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