Michigan's Attorney General Joins Lawsuit to Block U.S. Carbon Pollution Rules

Putting Polluters Over the People He Was Sworn to Protect

CHICAGO (October 23, 2015) –  Taking sides with corporate polluters seeking to overturn the Obama Administration’s plan to curb carbon pollution from power plants, Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette will join a lawsuit to block the Clean Power Plan.  The challenge was triggered by publication of the rule in the Federal Register earlier today.

Last month, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder committed to tackle carbon pollution under the federal Clean Power Plan. Attorney General Schuette’s decision to join the lawsuit on behalf of the state regardless of Snyder’s position puts the two Republicans in opposing camps.

Ariana Gonzalez, Energy Policy Analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council said:

“Today Attorney General Bill Schuette made it clear: He ranks polluters first, Michiganders’ health and future second. Trying to block the Clean Power Plan, and the huge health and environmental benefits it will deliver, is wrong for Michigan. It’s wrong for our children who deserve to breathe clean air. And it’s wrong for our economy.

“By siding with polluters and their dirty energy profits, the attorney general wants to anchor us in the past. Now is the time for Michigan to move to a clean energy future that will cost less, deliver reliable power, and create thousands of good paying jobs in Michigan.”

Legal experts from NRDC and other organizations believe lawsuits are unlikely to derail the Clean Power Plan: See http://www.nrdc.org/media/2015/151022.asp

“Amid New Attacks, Clean Power Plan Stands on Firm Political and Legal Ground” by Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, NRDC’s Director of Programs: See http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/sclefkowitz/amid_new_attacks_clean_power_p.html

For further explanation about the case for the Clean Power Plan’s carbon pollution limits, please see this NRDC report



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