Misguided Attempt to Handcuff EPA Puts Children’s Health At Risk

WASHINGTON (October  28, 2013) – Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WVA., and Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-KY., announced details today of legislation meant to block the Environmental Protection Agency from setting standards to reduce carbon pollution from power plants.

Following is a statement from David Hawkins, Director of Climate Programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

"This would handcuff the EPA, preventing it from reducing carbon pollution that puts our children's health at risk. It's the latest attempt by radicals in Congress to gut the Clean Air Act's ability to protect future generations from the dangers of climate change.

"Most Americans want the EPA to move forward with standards that limit carbon pollution from power plants. They account for 40 percent of our nation's carbon footprint and are a key driver of climate change. Other members of Congress should stay away from these misguided bills. The Clean Air Act - passed by overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress and signed by President Richard Nixon, a Republican - gives the EPA the authority, and the responsibility, to reduce carbon pollution. It's time for the EPA to act.”