NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner Responds to President Obama's Investment Announcement on High-Speed Rail

WASHINGTON (January 28, 2010) -- President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden announced today in Tampa, Florida, that they will award $8 billion to states across the country to develop America’s first nationwide program of high-speed intercity passenger rail service.

Below is a response from Natural Resources Defense Council Executive Director Peter Lehner:

“High speed rail is the path of the future and President Obama’s investment announcement today proves he understands this. This $8 billion investment will not only create tens of thousands of jobs and build our economy in the near term, but it will put America on a better path toward energy security and make the country a leader in providing transportation options for everyone.

“The high-speed rail system that American begins building today will be a legacy ensuring that tomorrow, our country continues to have the best, most efficient transportation network in the world.”

You can read Peter’s latest blog on the topic here: High Speed Rail: $8 Billion Down Payment on Jobs, Security, and Sustainability