NRDC Experts Testify Against Clean Power Plan Repeal at EPA Listening Session

Environmental Justice, Health and Economy Impacts Highlighted

Several experts from Natural Resources Defense Council are scheduled to testify today at the EPA's listening session on the repeal of the Clean Power Plan,  a rule that established the EPA's first-ever national standards to limit carbon pollution from stationary sources like power plants. The CPP sought to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector, which is the largest source of carbon emissions in the US, by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030.  

In October 2017, current EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, under President Trump’s Executive Order on Energy Independence (E.O 13783), issued a notice on the proposing a repeal of the Clean Power Plan. The EPA listening session in San Francisco is only one of three additional public meetings scheduled on the proposed repeal.

The following quotes will be heard in testimony by NRDC California leadership team:

“Today, I sit here as a mother, as a sister, as a Latina, as an advocate committed to doing all I can to fight climate change and prevent us and my children and their children from suffering the worse impacts of climate change. To put it simply, eliminating the Clean Power Plan means erasing the most important step the US has ever taken to fight climate change.” Adrianna Quintero, NRDC, Director of Partner Engagement and Founder / Executive Director, Voces Verdes

“Empty promises and scapegoats won’t bring jobs back to struggling coal communities. Rather than mythologize the past, the Clean Power Plan provides a roadmap to an energy future that is both prosperous and protective. We need only look to California for proof.”- Alex Jackson, Legal director of NRDC’s California Climate Project in our Energy and Transportation Program

“Repealing the Clean Power Plan is bad for ocean health and bad for people who rely on healthy oceans—to recreate and to feed their families.  We urge EPA to uphold this important plan, for the future of our oceans and our planet.”-  Elizabeth Murdock,   Director of the Pacific Ocean Initiative

“Clean power is good for California’s economy and the health of our communities. Our robust economy and clean skies prove it.  There’s no reason to go backwards in time on behalf of polluting industries.  The Clean Power Plan works in our state and throughout the nation.” -

Anne Notthoff,  Director of California Advocacy in San Francisco and Sacramento


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