NRDC Launches Beat the Heat Interactive Global Warming Solutions Map

NEW YORK (February 21, 2007) -- The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Stop Global Warming Virtual March have launched Beat the Heat, an interactive map that highlights the global warming solutions and consequences that matter most to people across the country (see the map at The two groups launched the map to help people share their concerns about global warming and their desire for solutions -- on an individual and a national scale.
“Beat the Heat gives people a chance to tell their story and become part of the solution, and part of a community that’s demanding change,” said Frances Beinecke, NRDC President.
To get on the map, people express why they are worried about global warming, select the consequences they are most concerned about and the actions they are willing to take to help solve global warming. Profiles immediately appear in the users’ geographic location. Viewers can zoom in on a region, click around the country to see what people are saying, and keep track of the most popular solutions.
The website, designed by New York-based Digital Pulp, addresses people’s hunger for global warming solutions by highlighting concrete actions that will drastically cut global warming pollution, such as boosting energy efficiency, supporting renewable energy, driving better cars and passing strong laws to cap global warming pollution.
“The Stop Global Warming Virtual March has become a movement of over 650,000 Americans who are demanding that our elected leaders take action to stop global warming. Beat the Heat is a great complement to the March because it gives individuals a way to express their concerns and demonstrate their commitment to solutions to stopping this urgent crisis,” said NRDC trustee and Stop Global founder Laurie David.