NRDC President: “Protect Our Sacred Right to Vote”

WASHINGTON - The Senate is expected to take up a key procedural vote as early as Tuesday on the For the People Act, legislation the House has passed providing key voting rights protections in the face of a raft of state-level measures that would restrict voting access for millions, especially people of color.

Mitchell Bernard, president of NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), made the following statement:

“If democracy stands on a single stone, it’s our sacred right to vote. That’s how we raise our voice, speak our mind and hold our leaders to account on the issues that matter most - whether that’s protecting the environment and public health, advancing racial justice, expanding opportunity for everyone or other goals that embody the values we share.

“Today, in nearly every state, that right is under attack by politicians who would empower themselves to deny others the right to be heard. An attack on anyone’s right to vote is an attack on democracy itself. It’s an attack on the constitutional system every member of Congress is sworn to support and defend.

"It’s time for every senator to honor that oath, stand up and defend our democracy. The For the People Act will protect our sacred right to vote. The House has already passed this needed bill. It’s time for the Senate to do the same.

 “No one has the power, no one has the right, to deny anyone else the right to be heard. The For the People Act will make that clear to all who need reminding. Together we’ll stand until it’s passed, no matter how long it takes.”

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) is an international nonprofit environmental organization with more than 3 million members and online activists. Since 1970, our lawyers, scientists, and other environmental specialists have worked to protect the world's natural resources, public health, and the environment. NRDC has offices in New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Bozeman, MT, and Beijing. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @NRDC.