Oregon Advances Climate Leadership with Clean Fuels Program

SALEM, OR (March 11, 2015) – Governor Kate Brown signed into law today Senate Bill 324 extending Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard. The standard requires the oil industry to cut carbon pollution from transportation fuels by 10% over the next ten years by offering consumers clean, alternative fuels. Oregon’s leaders have joined together with other states and provinces along the Pacific Coast – including California, Washington, and British Columbia – in tackling climate change and creating one of the largest global markets for clean fuels. The standard will diversify Oregon’s fuel supplies, cut carbon pollution, clean the air, and create good jobs.

Following is a statement from Simon Mui, Senior Scientist at Natural Resources Defense Council:

“Oregon’s leadership has chosen a cleaner future by extending the state’s Clean Fuels Program and rejecting the oil lobby’s fear mongering. With climate change already increasing Oregon’s risk of drought and forest fires, doing nothing is not an option. Today, state leaders are making real progress by adopting a program that will deliver cleaner air, more consumer choice, and clean fuel investments to the state.


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