Pest Control Goes "Green" Nationwide; Provides Smarter, More Effective Solutions

Green Shield Certification Meets Rising Consumer Demand for Alternative Pest Control
(September 26, 2007) – Green Shield Certified, a new seal of approval for eco-friendly pest control providers, is being introduced nationally today. Green Shield certification offers pest control companies and their customers a new standard for smarter, more effective pest control without unnecessary pesticides. The program is endorsed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), and Physicians for Social Responsibility of Greater Los Angeles. 
“Green Shield Certified is the next generation of pest control service,” said Jonathan Kaplan, a Senior Policy Specialist at NRDC.  “These certified companies are proving that knowledge and prevention can provide more effective, longer-lasting pest control than heavy-handed chemical sprays.”
Green Shield Certified takes advantage of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a system of thorough inspection, careful monitoring and non-chemical methods that are science-based and industry tested.  With Green Shield Certified’s approach, many pest problems can be solved and prevented.  These strategies combat pests by focusing on the source of the pest control issue and solving the problem at its root. IPM techniques, such as properly sealing cracks and crevices, eliminating places where pests hide, improving sanitation practices, and fixing leaking plumbing to remove access to water, provide long-lasting coverage that prevents pests from coming back.  
Green Shield certification is currently available for qualified pest control companies that undergo an extensive on-site evaluation by an independent IPM professional.  Pest control service providers can choose to certify their entire business or simply add a certified service for interested customers.
“The Green Shield certification program is moving pest control in a new direction, away from poisons and towards prevention,” said Laura Haight, senior environmental associate with NYPIRG.  “This program is the “green standard” for integrated pest management.”
“At the end of the day, Green Shield Certified means more effective pest control with reduced pesticide use,” said Kathy Attar, spokesperson for Physicians for Social Responsibility, Los Angeles. “That’s something we can easily recommend for schools, public housing facilities, businesses, local governments and the residents of Los Angeles.”
Green Shield Certified standards specifically require that companies use non-chemical approaches first to prevent pest problems. Pest control companies must use their knowledge of pest lifecycles, habits and the conditions that affect different pest populations. Non-chemical approaches are the primary tool to control pests and spray-by-the-calendar pesticide applications are never permitted.
Pesticides are allowed only as a last resort and strict application guidelines must be followed. Only pesticides that have been screened and approved by Green Shield Certified may be used in a certified service. Approved pesticide application methods limit how and when pesticides can be used.  Record keeping is required to document performance and explain why any pesticide application may have been necessary.
Green Shield Certified standards are developed and maintained by the IPM Institute of North America. The standards are developed in collaboration with the Green Shield Certified Technical Advisory Committee, comprised of scientists, environmental experts, and pest control industry leaders. These standards have been refined through field testing with professionals in companies and facilities across the nation.  Seven companies located from Maine to California are now offering a Green Shield Certified service.  More information can be found here: