President to Nation: "Now is Time for Action, Clean Up Mess in Gulf and Move Ahead to Clean Energy Economy"

WASHINGTON (June 15, 2010) -- In his first Oval Office address, President Obama laid out his plans for cleaning up the millions of gallons of oil that have already escaped and talked about what we must do to decrease our dependence on oil.

The following is a statement from Peter Lehner, Executive Director, Natural Resources Defense Council:

"Tonight, President Obama made it clear that he plans to put a clean energy future ahead of the interests of Big Oil. The catastrophe in the Gulf is proof positive that we must end our addiction to oil, enact safety measures to ensure something like this never happens again and establish a firm limit on carbon pollution this year."

"This tragedy in the Gulf is yet another example of our failed national energy policy and a reminder that we need to move away from dirty sources of energy and towards clean ones. The Senate should move clean energy and climate legislation this summer. We need to put Americans back to work and lay the foundation for a generation of prosperity while moving to a clean energy future."

"Placing a firm limit on global warming pollution will hold polluters accountable for the costs of our dirty energy system and allow investors to respond. A Senate bill would mean immediate work for millions of carpenters, electricians, steelworkers, machinists, computer engineers and other Americans across the country. It means investment in the next generation of energy-efficient cars, homes and workplaces. And it means a United States less dependent on oil."