President Obama Advances Clean Energy Economy in Jobs Speech

WASHINGTON (December 8, 2009) – President Obama delivered a speech today that presented new initiatives that will create jobs and help speed America’s economic recovery.

Following is a statement by Frances Beinecke, President, Natural Resources Defense Council:

“President Obama demonstrated his firm commitment to move America to a clean energy economy that will create jobs, unleash investment and help strengthen the country.

“Helping people make their homes more energy efficient is the fastest, cheapest and cleanest way to reduce energy consumption. It will put Americans back to work - carpenters, electricians, roofers and others - at good-paying jobs that can't be sent overseas. It will reduce our reliance on foreign oil. It will save consumers money in their utility bills. And it will slash carbon pollution that causes climate change.

“Improving roads and rail lines can help spur economic growth while laying the foundation for oil savings and a more prosperous future. The best way to ensure that these projects are sound and worthwhile is through the TIGER grant program, which stresses oil savings and environmental protections.

“We also need programs to repair our nation’s water systems that will create jobs and improve the safety of our beaches, streams and drinking water.

“All Americans can benefit from these programs to move our country in a new direction and restore our leadership in the global economy. We urge the Congress to support these proposals.”