President Obama Releases FY '11 Federal Budget

Administration Continues To Drive the Economy on Clean Energy

WASHINGTON (February 1, 2010) -- In response to President Obama's budget proposal for fiscal year 2011 released today, Wesley Warren, Director of Programs, issued the following statement:

“With this budget, President Obama is starting to usher in a clean energy economy. That means more jobs, less carbon pollution and a more secure nation.

“His budget promotes America’s energy independence by reducing our reliance on foreign oil, starting the transition away from dirty fossil fuels, and investing in conservation and clean power like wind and solar. 

“Cutting harmful greenhouse pollution and ramping up renewable energy will secure our nation and foster innovation that will make our economy more competitive.  

“Now it’s up to Congress to deliver on the president’s funding priorities for a cleaner, more secure America.

“However, providing additional loan guarantees for the nuclear power industry would be a mistake. This is a mature industry that generates high-cost, non-renewable energy and dangerous waste. It should not receive additional taxpayer subsidies.”