President Obama's First 100 Days: A Fast Start on Energy and the Environment

NRDC Launches New Online Timeline to Track Top Actions

WASHINGTON  (April 28, 2009) – In his first 100 days, President Obama has set a bold agenda on the environment, laying out a comprehensive energy and climate plan as one of his top policy priorities, according to policy analysts at the Natural Resources Defense Council. His administration has moved quickly to limit global warming pollution, reduce America’s dependence on oil, protect public health, and invest in clean energy sources -- from the sun, wind and water. But many issues lay ahead, including resolving the Interior Department's decision to take gray wolves off the Endangered Species List.

Following is a statement by Wesley Warren, director of programs for the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“In just 100 days, President Obama has swung the door open on energy, environment and climate that will move America in a new direction on these critical issues. Amid great challenges, Obama has set a new course for America that will lead to a new approach to energy, create millions of jobs, and reduce the carbon pollution that threatens people’s health and the climate.”

NRDC has launched a timeline of the top environmental and energy actions taken in President Obama’s first 100 days, here: