Redford Urges Americans to “Join Me in Standing Up to Big Oil”

He calls drilling in remote, icy Arctic Ocean ``a recipe for disaster.’’

WASHINGTON (April 17, 2014) – In a nationwide appeal, environmental activist Robert Redford today called on the American public to help put the Arctic Ocean off limits to oil industry drilling plans. The Hollywood director and actor singled out Royal Dutch Shell, which continues to pursue plans to drill there, something he called “a recipe for disaster.”

“Shell has no credible plan for cleaning up an oil spill in the Arctic,” Redford said in a video, posted on the website  The video is titled: “Tell President Obama to save the Arctic by putting it off limits to Big Oil.”

Its release by the Natural Resources Defense Council, where Redford serves as a trustee, was timed to mark the anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico four years ago this month, which killed 11 workers and sent 170 million gallons of oil into the gulf.

NRDC President Frances Beinecke served on the presidential commission that investigated the 2010 disaster. She warned that despite a recent court ruling that has interrupted Shell’s effort: “Make no mistake. Shell is actively working to put this last pristine ocean at risk of a far worse catastrophe than even the Deepwater blowout.”

In urging the public to speak out against Shell’s plan, Redford said: “If millions of us organize and speak out, we get to decide. Please join me in standing up to Big Oil by demanding clean energy right now.’’

Redford’s video is here:

Redford has also posted a blog on Huffington Post.


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