States Cleared to Slash Truck Pollution   

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency today reaffirmed California’s authority to set life-saving tailpipe emissions standards for commercial trucks – and other states’ ability to adopt those standards. 

The EPA announced that it approved the request for waivers for two separate California measures to ensure more non-polluting trucks are put on the road and that new trucks stay cleaner longer. EPA still must approve a third waiver request – for truck tailpipe pollution standards.  

Trucks make up just 10% of vehicles on the road but account for a disproportionate share of air pollution. These standards will increase the number of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles, primarily electric trucks, on the road. 

The following is a comment from Britt Carmon, federal clean vehicles advocate at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council): 

“By granting these waivers, EPA is upholding the authority of California and other states to protect their residents from harmful pollution.  

“Communities across the country are struggling with dangerous air, and manufacturers have the technology to produce non-polluting trucks. These rules ensure those clean trucks get on the road and operate long into the future.  

“But there’s much more work to be done. EPA is set to propose new nationwide standards for cars and trucks that can put all of us on the road toward cleaner vehicles and cleaner air. With the industry announcing new investments in electric vehicles every day, strong standards will guarantee that these promises become reality.”  

For more information, please see this blog by Patricio Portillo.  

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