Supreme Court Agrees to Hear California Clean Trucks Case

Previous rulings side with Port of LA’s pioneering clean air program

WASHINGTON  (January 11, 2013) --The Supreme Court today agreed to hear an appeal by the American Trucking Associations of a lower court decision that requires trucks entering the Port of Los Angeles to comply with basic environmental, safety and security requirements.  The Port of LA’s clean air program would ensure cleaner air for the communities in and around the Port through straightforward fixes such as improved truck maintenance and off-street parking requirements.

The 2008 lawsuit initiated by ATA against the City of Los Angeles challenges the ability of the Port to set air quality, safety and security standards for port trucking. The Natural Resources Defense Council intervened on behalf of itself, the Sierra Club and the Coalition for Clean Air to defend the program against industry attacks seeking to significantly weaken a program that delivers environmental and public health benefits through diesel pollution reduction measures.

“This continues to be a hard-fought battle against an industry clinging to its polluting practices,” said Melissa Lin Perrella, senior attorney with NRDC. “The clean truck program at the Port of LA has dramatically reduced harmful air pollution from port trucking, but it won’t stay that way unless trucking companies step up and shoulder the necessary costs of upkeep and care. The Port’s clean truck program requires just that.”

“Diesel pollution is a persistent public health problem in Los Angeles. The Port can take simple and cost-effective steps to ensure its operations don’t needlessly jeopardize the health of local communities,” said David Pettit, senior attorney and director of NRDC’s Southern California Air Program. 

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