Virginia’s Historic Bill Will Cut Tailpipe Pollution

WASHINGTON  – Virginia’s Senate passed “Clean Cars Virginia” legislation today, putting the measure on a sure path to becoming law. This measure will ensure that people can purchase vehicles that pollute less and save them money at the pump.

Once it is signed into law, Virginia will become the 15th state – and first in the South – to adopt ambitious low-emission vehicle and zero-emission vehicle standards.

The following is a statement from Walton Shepherd, Virginia policy director at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council):

“Virginia is taking its biggest step yet to address the climate crisis by ensuring automakers send Virginia dealers their cleaner, more tech-savvy cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Passing this legislation means less tailpipe pollution, more zero-polluting electric-vehicle options for consumers – and savings all around.”

“Virginia’s bold move shows that momentum for cleaner vehicles is accelerating across the nation. Automakers are promising to transform their fleets; the Biden administration is pressing ahead with strong national standards; and states are stepping up to ensure that their consumers benefit, too.”

For more on the Virginia legislation, see this earlier blog from Walton.


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