Water Light Graffiti: NRDC Presents Interactive Canvas of Light to Ignite Conversation about Water Issues at EXPO CHICAGO

CHICAGO (September 9, 2015) - Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) will present Water Light Graffiti by Paris-based artist Antonin Fourneau at EXPO CHICAGO, the International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art, at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall from September 17-20.

Water Light Graffiti is comprised of thousands of water-activated LEDs that illuminate when they come in contact with water. Visitors are invited to draw, paint, and imagine directly on the interactive wall. In creating these ephemeral images, NRDC hopes to inspire visitors to think about their relationship to water and the way water subtly and not-so-subtly influences their lives. The ephemeral, ever-changing canvas of light will ignite conversations about water resources, the delicacy of the natural world, and the importance of protecting the planet’s health.

“Fourneau’s installation connects nature and technology, serving as a beautiful testament to the power of water and the essential role it plays in all our lives,” said Elizabeth Corr, NRDC Manager of Art Partnerships.

Fourneau’s work follows a line of prominent artists – Jenny Kendler, Vaughn Bell, Gordon Matta-Clark, and Maya Lin – that have worked with NRDC at previous iterations of EXPO CHICAGO to highlight the connections between art and the environment.

Perched on Lake Michigan at Navy Pier, it’s easy to understand the vitality and connection water offers to the people of Chicago and millions of others who live and play by the Great Lakes.

“Our relationship to water is always changing and always in flux. These changes can affect the quality of the water we drink, as well as the quality of our lives. Water pollution, water scarcity, and rising sea levels are all examples of events that can alter our relationship to the rivers, lakes and shorelines that have come to define our communities. This installation represents a creative new way to engage people in a discussion about water, its beauty, and its place in their lives,” said Rob Moore, a Senior Policy Analyst in NRDC’s Water Program.

“NRDC has been a key special exhibitions partner since EXPO CHICAGO commenced, helping to illuminate the role that contemporary artists play in sparking dialogue about critical environmental issues,” said Tony Karman, President and Director of EXPO CHICAGO.

Visit Water Light Graffiti and learn more about NRDC’s efforts by visiting Booth #104 in Navy Pier’s Festival Hall during EXPO CHICAGO or going to our website: www.nrdc.org. For more information about EXPO CHICAGO, including the complete schedule, visit: www.expochicago.com


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