Acting Now on Climate: How is Peru addressing climate change and moving toward a low-carbon future?

Issue Brief
December 04, 2014

Peru is on the frontlines of the fight against global climate change. The melting glaciers of its Andean peaks bear witness to increasing global temperatures. Communities and infrastructure in low-lying coastal zones are susceptible to sea level rise, and a changing climate means new potential threats to important economic sectors such as fisheries and agriculture. Faced with these growing challenges, Peru is striving to address and adapt to its climate vulnerabilities. At the same time, Peru has also recognized the urgent need for ambitious action to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite being a comparatively minor contributor to worldwide emissions, Peru is moving toward a low carbon path by protecting forest carbon reserves and tackling emissions from key sectors. Peru ranks as the sixth largest greenhouse gas emitter in the Latin America and Caribbean region and 46th largest globally. Deforestation and land use change, and energy for both electricity production and transportation are the main drivers of Peru's emissions, responsible for 45 percent and 30 percent of the country's total emissions, respectively.